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Self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  It doesn’t necessarily look that way though, not if you go by TV shows and articles in glossy magazines, which tend to feature images of beautiful people taking care of themselves in equally beautiful surroundings, often in exotic locations.  Fortunately, it’s actually quite feasible to practice good self-care on a budget, so the rest of us can benefit from it too.  Here are some tips.


Some people are natural minimalists.  Some people are natural maximalists.  Most people are somewhere in between.  It really doesn’t matter.  What matters, essentially, is your ratio of “stuff” to space.  In other words, if you love having a house full of sentimental items and collectables, but you still have a place for everything and everything in its place so that your life runs smoothly, then that’s absolutely fine.  If, however, your “stuff” has reached a level at which it’s negatively impacting your life, then you need to do something about it.  It may take a bit of effort, but the results are so worth it in so many ways.

Refresh your sleeping space

That dream bedroom might be out of your financial reach at this point, but just refreshing your sleeping space can do wonders for your ability to get a good night’s sleep and that, in turn, can do wonders for how you approach your day.  Even if a new mattress is way out of your budget right now, or you’re generally happy with the one you have, turning it properly (head to toe as well as side to side) and/or adding a good topper can give it a new life in a very affordable way.  Remember, however, to budget to replace your old mattress as often as necessary.  Similarly, make sure your bed covers are right for that time of year for you.  If you share a bed with someone who prefers their bed to be warmer or cooler than you do, then you can use shared covers up to the point which suits the person who likes it cooler and then add extra covers to one side of the bed.

Rethink your sleeping habits

It can be a challenge to fit in your preferred sleeping habits with fixed office hours, especially if you have children and need to get them sorted as well, but if you have any flexibility at all then make use of it.  For example, you may prefer to get up a little later or get up a little earlier and have a nap in the middle of the day.  In either case, you may well prefer to wake up slowly and “naturally” rather than being abruptly woken by an alarm.  If that sounds like you, then you may want to invest in a “sunrise” alarm clock, which wakes you through increasing the level of light in the room and will only use chimes as a back-up if you really won’t get out of bed.  In summer, when you may have the opposite problem, try investing in a high-quality sleep mask.  You can really notice the difference.

Cut down the caffeine, alcohol and junk food (and nicotine)

Caffeine, alcohol and junk food are all fine in moderation.  Nicotine is just plain bad for you and it’s also expensive, which is another good reason to ditch it.  If you need something to get you through, consider switching to vaping until you can quit completely.  You can buy pre-loved vaporizers and resell yours when your nicotine-cravings are gone.  It may sound trite, but cutting back on bad health habits (or cutting them out completely) can really improve both your feeling of wellbeing and your finances.

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