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So, unless you’ve been completely away from all news, stores and social media, you’ll know that Monday is Valentines’s Day, apparently the ‘day of love’.

It’s everywhere and you just can’t avoid it, so we thought we’d take a look. The first thing that we notice is how much it appears to cost to be ‘in love’, the measurement of affection is flowers, chocolates, jewellery, mugs and anything else you can print a heart on. Long gone are the days of a card and a hug for your nearest and dearest, or so the shops would have us believe.

Chatting in the office, many of our team have been married for decades and for them, it’s just another day. There may be a nod to it but the overriding opinion is that love is celebrated every day not just once a year. For those single, well they’re looking forward to the 15th #nationalsinglesday and cheap flowers and chocolate!

We’re all feeling the pinch and so being pressured by commercialisation to declare our love via wallets and hardly welcome right now.

We came up with a few ideas here that won’t break the bank and will still show you care:

  • Find the worst gift for under £2 – this is a fun challenge and can result in some truly awful gifts that can be kept as an annual reminder to make you smile
  • Come up with your own tradition, for instance, take a picture in the same place every year and keep it in a special album
  • Do something nice for your partner – run a bath for when they get in or cook dinner (if you don’t normally).
  • Have a carpet picnic. It’s too cold to eat outdoors so make your own inside with your favourite movie or music.
  • Wait a day and make the most of the bargains!

Whatever you choose to do, please don’t put it on a credit card or buy now pay later, this is not love, it’s debt and that may only make your heart heavier in the long run.

If you are worried about your finances please talk to your partner, they may not know the pressure you’re feeling and it’s often harder imagining the way they’ll react to what happening in reality. If you need advice we offer a free consultation and we’ll guide you the best way that we can. This Valentine’s day, protect your wallet, your heart and your mental health.



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