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North West leads way for business rescue

By 27th August 2015No Comments

Leading way

The North West has the highest rate of business rescue in the country with half of businesses (52%) declared insolvent surviving in some form, according to new report from the insolvency trade body R3.

The report, Why Insolvency Matters: The insolvency profession’s value to the North West, reveals that out of approximately 2,391 businesses in the region which became insolvent in 2013/14, 1,243 were rescued and around 34,786 jobs saved. The business survival rate of 52% is well above the national average of 41%.

The figures do not include those companies which took advice from insolvency practitioners but managed to refocus their business without entering a formal insolvency procedure. Around a fifth of the profession’s work with businesses across the UK involves general or pre-insolvency advice (22%). There are around 180 insolvency practitioners in the North West out of approximately 1,750 in the UK:

The report was launched at an event in Manchester last night by R3’s national president, Phillip Sykes. He said:

“The North West is one of the biggest centres for our profession, with over 10 per cent of the UK’s insolvency practitioners based here. The region also has the best record on business rescue of any part of the UK, resulting in thousands of jobs saved and wider benefits for the regional economy.

“The business community here is supportive of one another and this can encourage a more proactive approach in seeking professional advice for financial problems at an early stage. The figures demonstrate the importance of tackling the problems of struggling businesses early on.”

Richard Wolff, North West chair of R3 and Head of Corporate Recovery and Insolvency at law firm JMW, said that the UK’s insolvency regime was a fundamental part of the business cycle, helping to ensure that talent, assets and ideas are put to productive use and that creditors are repaid money wherever possible.

“There has been much talk of a ‘Northern Powerhouse’ which is welcome but that powerhouse won’t function without an effective insolvency regime and profession to pick up the pieces when businesses fail or help them avoid insolvency in the first place. This report demonstrates the importance of the profession to the Northern Powerhouse and I am confident that the profession will continue to play a key role in the region’s economy for years to come.”

The full article published on R3’s website can be viewed here:


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