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It is so easy to get in to debt

By 30th June 2015No Comments



A recent article in the Guardian tells the sorry tale of a gentleman who upon going through his recently deceased father’s affairs, discovered credit card debts of £80,000. This was a complete shock to him as not only was he unaware that his father had had multiple credit cards, he was horrified to discover that the card companies had been happy to keep providing his father with completely un-payable levels of credit.

It’s a story we hear of time and time again; credit card companies’ irresponsibly encouraging people to take on greater levels of debt than they can ever reasonably repay.  In many cases, one credit card debt leads to another card, taken out to pay the first one off and this is a chain that continues until there is a chain of unpaid cards, all charging exceedingly high levels of interest.

It is tempting for people to simply bury their head in the sand, either because they hope it will all go away or very often because they feel embarrassed at having got themselves into this situation in the first place.

At Adcroft Hilton, we aren’t here to judge people, but to help them resolve any financial difficulties. Our ethos is to help you avoid these situations where possible, and where required help you resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Obviously the sooner people come to us, the better the outcome.  Many say that whilst it was a very hard decision initially walking through our door or telephoning us, it ended up being one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. The relief from the stress is almost immediate because you’re no longer on your own; we’re working as a team.

We’re always here to have an informal initial chat free of charge, so please do give us a call, drop us an email or pop into one of our offices.

Here’s a link to the Guardian story we refer to –

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