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Individuals urged to seek financial advice early

By 6th November 2015No Comments


Adcroft Hilton

Insolvency practitioners don’t just help businesses, they support individuals facing financial difficulties too. In many cases, their support proves invaluable as they provide a range of options for people to consider, plus solutions that are both realistic and achievable.


This was proved by research conducted by University of Lancaster students, who investigated the value of insolvency practices, particularly for individuals seeking support and advice. Contacting an insolvency practitioner is often the first step taken by someone wanting to discuss their financial problems. Taking this initial step can often be daunting, uncomfortable and in some cases embarrassing.


Luckily this wasn’t the case for those who spoke to Adcroft Hilton, a well-established insolvency practitioner based in Blackpool. The research demonstrated that people who approached the Adcroft Hilton team were extremely impressed with their assistance and guidance, which regularly resulted in a favourable outcome for the individual.


The team was shown to take a very down to earth, friendly and professional approach, listening carefully to the situation without making judgements. This proved key to a successful outcome, as it allowed the individual to open up and explain the full details, enabling Adcroft Hilton to deliver the sound financial advice necessary to achieve the best results for all involved.


Dave Beech, Director at Adcroft Hilton, commented, “Our role is very much to support and guide people and businesses through the difficult decisions that often need to be made if the best outcome is to be achieved. We provide as many options as we can to allow customers to make informed choices for their situation. We don’t judge our clients in any way, regardless of the circumstances. We’ve found in many cases that the situation has often come about through no direct fault of our clients, but an accumulation of circumstances beyond their control.”


Many financial difficulties are down to job losses, a breakdown in relationships, credit cards mounting up or personal loans getting out of control. Adcroft Hilton has over 20 years of experience dealing with these challenges and can provide effective solutions to help you.


Dave concluded, “Our advice would always be to get in touch as soon as possible if you’re worried in any way about your finances, the longer you put it off the more difficult it will become. We’ll happily sit down and have an initial discussion with you free of charge to see how we can help.”


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