At current time, the average cost of company liquidation is in the region of £2000 to £3000, however the specific cost and the way in which the fees are paid will vary depending on the exact circumstances. Do the company’s assets need to be sold to pay for the liquidation? In this instance, the term

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Up until 1869, being in debt could land you a lengthy spell in prison and for long afterwards bankruptcy was to be feared for many reasons.  Over a century and a half later, the word “bankruptcy” still has negative associations for many people and perhaps it always will.  It’s unlikely to be a pleasant experience

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Although the name “Insolvency Practitioner” suggests that the profession is for times when companies are seriously looking at declaring insolvency, in actual fact, Insolvency Practitioners are, fundamentally, people who are skilled at steering companies through choppy financial waters.  They will look to bring the company ship into a safe harbour if at all possible and

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Generally speaking, a person works for their employer and hence is expected to keep their employer’s best interests front and centre during their working hours and even outside of working hours, they are usually expected to avoid putting themselves in situations where there is, or could reasonably be perceived to be, a conflict of interest.

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Millenials and credit cards

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One one level, credit cards are pretty straightforward.  You put a purchase on your card and then you pay it back.  On another level, credit cards are rather more complex.  In fact, it’s rather an open question how many adults really understand how they work and it’s arguably completely understandable that younger people don’t really

Even when they’re run by the same political party, local councils and central government do not necessarily see eye-to-eye, particularly not when it comes to funding and the use of funds.  In particular, the cost of paying for social care for the elderly is rapidly becoming a key point of contention between local councils, central

There are plenty of statistics about the number of small business which fail after only a relatively short period of trading (sometimes less than a year).  Recently, however, the UK has seen a spate of well-known names close their doors for the last time (Woolworths, BHS and Maplins spring to mind), while other retail stalwarts

Switch on the TV for any length of time and it’s a fairly safe bet that you’ll see at least one advert for some form of insurance in the consumer sphere, like home insurance, car insurance or pet insurance.  Businesses, however, can need protection too and appropriate insurance can be one way of getting it.

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In principle, a person can start a new business even while bankrupt although there are limitations on this.  Once a bankruptcy is discharged, the individual concerned can essentially start a business in the same way as anyone else, at least in theory, in practice even discharged bankrupts can face extra challenges, the good news is

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Retailers need customers to spend money in their shops in order for them to stay in business and there’s nothing particularly new about shops offering credit in one form or another in order to make it easier for customers to afford their purchases.  Recently, however, JD Sports made the headlines for all the wrong reasons,