Debt can be very useful, for example, it can enable people to buy assets like houses, but it can also become a problem and if it does, then that problem needs to be addressed.  Dealing with debt can be a challenge for even the most emotionally-stable of people, it can be even more difficult for

If you’re self-employed, or thinking of moving into self-employment, then it’s usually strongly recommended to look at finding private equivalents of the sort of insurance packages which are often offered as part of employee benefits packages.  If you are planning on starting your own business (as opposed to providing services on a freelance basis), then

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Are you in a JAM?

Friday, 27 April 2018 by

The plight of JAMs (those who are just about managing) has been hitting the headlines on a regular basis over recent times.  Essentially JAMs are people who are living from one pay-day to the next, perhaps managing to avoid racking up any (more) debts, but unable to make meaningful inroads into existing debts or to

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Learning Credit Card Control

Friday, 20 April 2018 by

Credit card balances are one of the most expensive forms of debt there is.  In principle, you can avoid the charges by paying off your balance in full, every month (and some people do exactly that) but realistically many people use credit cards because they don’t have the funds available at the time they need

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Tips to pay off your debts

Friday, 06 April 2018 by

If you’re in debt, you’re not alone and the good news is that one way or another you can get out of it.  Here are three tips. Get to grips with budgeting You get into debt when you spend more than you earn so the first step in getting out of debt is learning to

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Debt consolidation top tips

Friday, 23 March 2018 by

It’s all very well saying “neither a borrower nor a lender be” but in the real world, borrowing and lending are just part and parcel of life for most people and generally speaking there is nothing really wrong with it most of the time, sometimes, however, it can get out of control.  If you’re already

Toys R Us and Maplin are the latest high-street names to be on the point of admitting defeat and closing their doors for the last time, but while “difficult trading conditions” and other such phrases seem to be commonplace in these situations, an objective look at the situation indicates that bad management was at least

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Fundamentally, your credit rating is simply a reflection of how well you manage your money.  While the term “credit score” does infer debt repayments, these days, your credit score can be a broader reflection of how you manage your money more generally. It’s pretty near impossible to opt out of having a credit score If

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Business bankruptcies are nothing new.  They occur for a variety of reasons, some, with hindsight, entirely avoidable, some just plain, old-fashioned bad luck.  What is new, or at least, what has not been seen since 2013, is the level of business bankruptcies and what is making headlines is their size. With Toys R Us and

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Debt, like death and taxes, it’s a fact of life for many people.  Relatively few people could buy houses without it, increasingly young people rely on it to fund their education and many businesses use it to speed up their growth.  At the same time however, debt can be a real problem both for borrowers

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