The law can be a complex topic but sometimes it’s actually very clear and simple.  If you are a company director you are legally required to stop trading the moment you become aware that the company of which you are a director is insolvent.  There are no ifs, buts or maybes about this, there are,

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“Under investigation”, it’s not a nice phrase in any situation.  In fact it probably ranks alongside phrases like “routine enquiries” in terms of expressions you don’t want to hear, at least not when directed at you.  In the real world however, investigations can be triggered automatically, enquiries are often routine and frankly organisations like the


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We are very proud once again that Sonya Brannigan from our Blackpool Office was a finalist in the Enterprise Vision Awards in the financial services category.  The awards recognise women in business across the North West and to become a finalist is an incredible achievement. In addition, we sponsored the Training and Coaching category

One in eight Britons could struggle to make ends meet this month after spending more than they could afford over Christmas, a charity has warned today. The Money Advice Trust said more than 12 per cent of the 2,000 people polled expected their finances to slip back in January as a result of their spending

  Insolvency practitioners don’t just help businesses, they support individuals facing financial difficulties too. In many cases, their support proves invaluable as they provide a range of options for people to consider, plus solutions that are both realistic and achievable.   This was proved by research conducted by University of Lancaster students, who investigated the

Personal Insolvency – cases rise

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The number of people being declared insolvent has risen for the first time in a year, but the total remains lower than much of the past decade. The Insolvency Service said that 19,683 people in England and Wales were made insolvent in the third quarter of 2015. This was up 2.8% on the previous three

The signs to look for when financial advice may be needed for your business: The Company is unable to pay its debts as they fall due. The Company is being chased incessantly for non-payment of bills, and may ultimately receive Statutory Demands, Writs or Winding Up Petitions. Cheques bounce due to lack of funds. Directors

  The signs to look for when personal financial advice may be needed:   Am I paying out more each month than I receive in income?   Am I struggling to pay my bills as and when they fall due?   Am I robbing Peter to pay Paul?   Are the payments that I am

  The Insolvency Service publishes a range of guides to help people understand insolvency, and the various services available to them. Currently most of the documents are only available as Word documents or as a PDF, but the new documents will be available as web based content. Whilst most people should have been able to

Debt begins to rise for UK households

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The number of households struggling with problem debt grew by a quarter between 2012 and last year, as stagnating wages forced a growing number to borrow to get by, according to the TUC. By 2014, 3.2 million families were spending at least 25% of their gross monthly pay on servicing unsecured debts, the definition of