The world doesn’t owe you a living, but if you run your business well, you can make a very good living from it.  Here are 10 basic business lessons new entrepreneurs need to learn – quickly. Test your market before you launch your product or service Your nearest and dearest may think your product is

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The law can be a complex topic but sometimes it’s actually very clear and simple.  If you are a company director you are legally required to stop trading the moment you become aware that the company of which you are a director is insolvent.  There are no ifs, buts or maybes about this, there are,

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“Under investigation”, it’s not a nice phrase in any situation.  In fact it probably ranks alongside phrases like “routine enquiries” in terms of expressions you don’t want to hear, at least not when directed at you.  In the real world however, investigations can be triggered automatically, enquiries are often routine and frankly organisations like the

We are ‘walking the lights’ for Rosemere Cancer Foundation on Friday 13th October. Rosemere began 20 years ago, around the time that Rosalind started running Adcroft Hilton. She was involved in fundraising for Rosemere in its early years and is delighted and amazed at its progress since then.   Rosemere provides facilities for those undergoing

Sheryl Armer is celebrating winning the Financial Services category at the EVAs held at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens on Friday night.  Sheryl is personal insolvency manager at Blackpool firm Adcroft Hilton.  The EVAs are the premier awards for women in business in the North West. On hearing of the win, Sheryl thanked her team, and said